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Proposal for a Carceral Geography research group at the RGS-IBG

Carceral Geography

There is a proposal in draft to create a Carceral Geography research group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers.
Whether you are a member of the RGS-IBG or not, and (especially!) if you have never heard of it, please read on!
The purpose of such a group would be to provide a platform for further development of carceral geography, with dialogue between geographers interested in confinement (including diverse types of incarceration, detention, and custody) and scholars in other disciplines who are interested in geographical approaches to confinement (e.g. in criminology and prison sociology). An explicit intention would also be to provide a forum for discussion between researchers and practitioners/professionals in this area, both to connect the potential users of research with the people undertaking it, and to enable academics to better understand the priorities and pressures of professional practice.
This group would be freeā€¦

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