Carceral Geography at the AAG, Chicago IL, 2015

logo_aagCarceral Geographers attending the AAG meeting in Chicago, IL next Spring should have plenty to keep their attention. Jen Turner and Dominique Moran have put together a series of linked sessions which draw together some really exciting work and should provide plenty of scope for discussion and conversation. Join us!

Carceral Geographies I: Theorisations of Confinement

Christophe Mincke: Prison: Legitimacy Through Mobility?
Elizabeth A. Brown: Care, carceral geographies, and the reconfiguration of mass incarceration
Kimberley Peters: ‘Unlock the volume’: bringing height and depth to carceral mobilities
Stephanie Figgins: Between the Sheets of the U.S. Deportation Regime
Discussant: Nick Gill

Carceral Geographies II: Prison Architecture and Design

Fie Vandamme: Fit IN Stand OUT: Rules and Elements for Humane Prison Architecture
Jennifer Turner: Shaping ‘inhabitation’: the complexities of prison design and prison building
Dominique Moran: Prison architects as moral agents: is it possible to design a ‘healthy’ prison?
Gideon Boie: Prison Up Close: subject positions in the penitentiary spatial structure
Discussant: Lauren Martin

Carceral Geographies III: Activity, Agency and Organisation

Katie Hemsworth:”Prisoner’s Talking Blues”: Music, emotion, and spatiality in prisons
Orisanmi Burton: The Politics of Containment: Prison-Based Activism in the Empire State
Lloyd Gray: How do prisoners experience and perceive the education environment within a prison? An interpretative phenomenological analysis approach
Geraldine Brown: A holistic evaluation of delivering a community based food growing mentoring programme in a prison setting with substance misuse offenders.
Discussant: Shaul Cohen

Carceral Geographies IV: Gendered and Embodied Confinement

Victoria Knight: Modus Vivendi: The cell, emotions, social relations and television
Jessica Bird: Segregation in Scottish Prisons: A Socio-Spatial History
William Payne: Governmentality, performativity and sexuality – A scholarly consideration of a drag show in a prison
Rae Rosenberg: Transgender Embodiment in Carceral Space: Hypermasculinity and the US Prison Industrial Complex
Discussant: Karen M. Morin

Carceral Geographies V: (Re)defining Boundaries

Elizabeth Bos: We were there too: Reflexive experiences of evaluating a prison gardening intervention
Dana Cuomo: Incarceration and domestic violence: Perspectives from victims on the outside
Tony Sparks: The Asylum is on These Streets: Managing Mental Illness in the Carceral Community
Avril Maddrell: The charity shop, permeable carcarel spaces, gendered power relations, reparation and rehabilitation
Discussant: Jennifer Turner

Carceral Geographies VI: (Re)defining Boundaries 2

Nathan Kahn: Public Memory, Landscape, and Historic Carcerality at the Groveland Correctional Facility
Oriane Simon: Extraordinary Rendition’s Transfers in Ambiguous Spaces
Vanessa Anne Massaro: Prison’s revolving door and the porous boundaries of carceral spaces
Stephen Sherman: Why Drug-Free School Zones are Bad for Communities: Evaluating sentence enhancement zone outcomes across urban forms
Discussant: Dominique Moran

Carceral Geographies VII: Future Directions in Carceral Geographies

Panelists: Shaul Cohen, Nick Gill, Dominique Moran, Deirdre Conlon, Jennifer Turner


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